Without further ado: The package!

Day has come again and I have been able to take some pictures of the box full of loveliness I received yesterday.

Yesterday I had to work until 9 pm but halfway my shift my husband called to tell me I had to call my mother as soon I got home. I was a bit worried why (my mother is quite old), but then he explained that she wanted to be present when OPENED MY PACKAGE!!!!!!! OH MY!!

I had arranged for a friend to meet me right after work and he drove me home immediately, so the four of us were sitting around our coffee table all nervous and almost scared to open it. What if I don’t like what’s in it? What do I do then? My friend was scowling “open it already woman!” and since he was completely right I did and….I was not dissapointed! The amount of loveliness that fits in such a small box is quite amazing! look and shiver!!

This is what i saw when I opened it:

Since it was late at night, I wasn’t able to take any good pictures, so I waited until today. First let me show you the kind of weather conditions we have to put up with here. Not very good for pictures, but nice and green to stay in the Slytherin mood:

Let’s start with the bag: It is really something! A beatiful felted one in green and silver with a fantastic icord system to carry and close: first with the FANTASTIC!! Crazy 4 Dyeing sock yarn, and then with Slytherin coloured fluff called Persia by Austermann. I love the yarn so much I keep petting it. My husband thinks I am mad. I am.

In my spellboek were two very cool Slytherin patterns. They will both be knit up shortly, but I am afraid they have to be removed from the book for a while because it is the perfect book to keep my Seascape shawl charts in when I go on holiday on sunday.

Then there were the 2 circular needles from KA. 2.75mm. I LOVE the turning mechanism. It so rocks! I think I will use these to make Eunny Jang’s fair isle cabled socks with. and the stitch markers are awesome! I normally use little rubber hair bands so this is way more fancy than anything I owned before!

The next thing made my mother cringe with envy: A gorgeous green silky needle case. Oh! that is SO my colour! she exclaimed. Tough luck mom, it’s mine! Whahahahahaaa! (very evil laugh).

Pictured yesterday, but not today (for obvious reasons) are the sweets. Marshmallow peanuts (?), that are my spoilers favourites. I must say that I love them, but they are by far the sweetest things I have ever tasted. When i had my first one my husband laughed and said my mouth was open. I told him that I couldn’t close it anymore from all that sweetness! Then there was a candy bar with chewy blocks of candy (??). They take ages to eat. Lovely! There was a very big pack of chewing gum and a HUGE Hershey bar. The chocolate is very odd. it doesn’t taste like chocolate, but like chocolate flavoured candy. very yummy indeed! I am afraid i ate almost half the bar yesterday already. I will save the rest for after my holiday.

Here’s another picture of the whole thing minus the sweets:

Rowena. You rock. Maybe I should switch to Gryffindor next term so we can share a dorm….Nah. Slytherin through and through this one. Thank you Ronni!


~ by jantientje on July 10, 2008.

One Response to “Without further ado: The package!”

  1. I’m so very happy you loved it all! 🙂

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